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30 November 2015 @ 01:13 pm

I've moved my journal~
I'm not adding anymore friends here but,
This journal will still be open to post public entries ^^v

~bye byee ♥
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05 May 2013 @ 08:38 pm
Hi everybody!! XD

Yes.. it's time for another MASSIVE PICSPAMS!!! Yeaaaayy!! XDD
I got so much freetime today, so happy that I'm almost finished with my english paper and the due date is extended to next thursday!! yeaaay XDD

Anyways.. as the title says... TAKAHIKANOOBU!!!!!! XD
since there are so many otps among them, and we love them all..
why not make OTP4 like yammiedooand just_mine23said... XDDD

Yatta!! TAKAHIKANOOBU!!!! ♥♥♥
Now lets move on to the OTPs.. XD

So the OTPs are:

INOOBUCollapse )

TAKABU ♥Collapse )

YABUHIKACollapse )

TAKAHIKA <--- yes! Takahika DOES existsCollapse )
TAKANOOCollapse )

HIKANOO ♥Collapse )
LMAO... this is a long post.. xP
well then.. so yeah... TAKAHIKANOOBU EXISTS!! and they are my OT4!!! xD

credits goes to:

comments are ♥ as always ^_^

gonna eat dinner now..

oh.. i don't know why but LJ is messing up my font colors and some of the lj cuts.. lol

~later ♥
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31 July 2010 @ 01:05 am
Title : cotton-candy-taste-like kiss
Pairing : YamaShi
Genre : Fluff
Rating : PG

Click here to read!Collapse )

------------------- END ---------------------

a/n : major failness. sorry. m(__)m, seems like the ideas are in my head, but it was just hard to put them into words. XD

written for kaoru_yubiwa  as her bday fic. XD
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20 May 2010 @ 02:14 am
Title : To be determined by Icy mizushibuki 
Pairings : TakaHikaNooBu, but it will be Takabu x Hikanoo in the end.
Genre : Romance, Angst, Fluff, Smut (in later chapter) XD
Rating : NC-17 (it’s G for now, but it will be NC-17 on the next chapters)
Summary : Yabu likes Takaki likes Hikaru likes Inoo likes Yabu.


Let the story begins~Collapse )


A/N :
- THE INOOBU PART IS EPIC LAME FAIL I KNOW. I have no idea how to write Inoobu srsly. lol.xD
- I spotted some or plenty of grammar failures. but it's 2am now and I'm soo sleepy, so I don't feel like editing it.
- I'm just gonna keep it for f-list today until I correct my grammar mistakes tomorrow.
- This is the prologue for my short multichap fanfics (2 chapter only though) :P

Comments are <333
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Title : It’s not a goodbye, it’s just the beginning of the new life.
Pairing : Yuto x Mariya
Genre : Fluff
Rating : G

If it's for you then I will...Collapse )

------- the end ------------

ajkdhkadhka IDK ANYMORE!

so I guess Mariya really transfered out of Horikoshi? Y/N? D:
I heard the rumor, it was because there's too much of scandals between her and Yamada. so the fangirls were after her? >_< well, but it's only a RUMOR. we never gonna find out the truth. lol. so this story is based on that RUMOR only. ^^v

comments are love~ ♥
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15 April 2010 @ 11:19 am

I decided to sell some of my JE stuff that I don't want anymore. please read the following before ordering :

- I only accept PAYPAL for payment method (buyers must pay for the paypal fees, if applies).
- All prices are in USD, I only accept payment in USD.
- All prices DOES NOT include shipping cost and packaging fees.
- All items will be shipped from the United States using Express Mail or First Class Mail, whichever you prefer.
- International buyers are welcome.
- Items will be shipped within 2 days after I receive the payment.

CD/DVD salesCollapse )

Please comment here and use this form if you're interested in buying.

Name/LJ user name :
Country :
Item (s) :
Email :
Others (if you have anything else to say) :

All comments will be screened. Feel free to ask any questions. ^^
you can email me for questions at rarsii@hotmail.com or via lj pm
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31 March 2010 @ 10:29 pm
Title: Maybe it’s not so bad after all
Pairing : HikaNoo
Genre : smut, fluff
Rating : NC-17
A/N : somebody made me write this... yes! YOU!! (you know who you are) lol. XDD
sorry for the fail smut, it's only my second time writing smut fic. :P

Hikanoo Hikanoo HikanooCollapse )

I kinda forgot how to write smut since I've been writing fluff fics lately. LOL.
so yeah... sorry if the smut part failed badly!! ^^;;

comment would be greatly appreciate it if you read this!!
please tell me what you think about this fic. ^_^v
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15 March 2010 @ 03:33 am
Title : Wedding
Pairing : Yamada x Shida
Genre : Fluff
Author's note : this is unbeta-ed and I wrote this at 3am in the morning. lol. so sorry if there's grammatical mistakes. XD

“Will you not?” Yamada looked at her with his killer idol smile.Collapse )

lol. I just got the idea all of a sudden, sorry if it fails. XD
as usual, comments are love ♥♥ ~
let me know what you guys think about it!! ^^
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07 January 2010 @ 05:28 am

Title: Untitled (for now)

Pairing: Hikaru x A-chan

Genre: Romance, fail angst, idk

Rating: PG


"Hikaru’s tears didn’t hold any longer, they were falling down on his cheeks rapidly."Collapse )

This fic will be better if you read it while listening to Konayuki by Remioromen xD

IDK what got into me today. I suddenly miss Hikaru badly! LOLOL.

cuz this is my first time writing something like this... xP
tell me what you think... too corny? fail? dreadful?

Thanks for reading ^^
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24 December 2009 @ 03:16 pm

Title : Your first kiss belongs to me...

Pairing : Yamada x Shida (Yamashi)

Genre : Fluff

Rating : G/PG… idk

Summary : Yamada was frustrated when he heard Shida was going to have an on screen kiss.




“After tomorrow, your first kiss wouldn’t be here anymore…”Collapse )

I'm not so confident with this fic. so comments are love if you read it.
Do tell me what you think about this one XD

MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! ^_^v
I hope you have a great one! ♥

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